professional makeup artist course
This course has been specially designed by KENZOOI for those who want to learn everything in one programme. This course assists in completing all of the necessary skills required in the makeup industry to work as a makeup artist. This course teaches basic makeup techniques and skills for Beauty Makeup, Bridal Makeup, Fashion, TV Film, Print, Makeup Runway, and Theatrical. You are welcome to join our makeup crew during our shows and events to gain more experience and knowledge.

Duration: 70 Lessons ( 3 Hours/Lesson )
New Intake: Monthly


Module 1

Makeup Products & Equipment

This topic delves into the various goods and equipment available, as well as colour theory and how to work safely as a makeup artist.

Learning Outcomes Summary


Introduction & Orientation

Cosmetics & Tools

Know Your Makeup Brushes

Introduction to KAI Makeup Artist’s Kit

How to Setup Your Working Station

Health & Safety

Makeup Products (HS)

Makeup Brushes (HS)

Guidelines for the Makeup Artist (HS)

Cleaning Your Brushes, Sponges, and Powder Puffs

Colour Theory for the Makeup Artist

Understanding Colour

Warn & Cool Color

Color Matching Techniques

Face Charts & Sketching

Makeup Designs 

Makeup Application Sequence 

Skin Types and Skin Conditions

Skincare Products

Correcting Skin problems


Color Corrector



Covering Tattoos Mark

Portfolio Preparation

Practical & Theory

Module 2

Face, Eyebrow, Eye, & Lip Shapes

By becoming familiar with the range of human facial features, you can learn the skills required to confidently make up any face.

Learning Outcomes Summary

Understand Face Shapes

Identifying Face Shapes

Highlight and  Contouring

Techniques of Contouring

Types Eye Shapes 

Eye Shapes Correction Techniques

Classic Eye Makeup Design

Smoky Eye Makeup Design

Makeup for Asian Eyes

Eyebrow Shaping & Design

Measuring the Eyebrow

Eyebrow Corrections

Lip Shapes – Define Look

Lip Products

Lip Shape Problems and Corrections

Practical & Theory

Module 3

Glamour Makeup for Photography

Explore the depths of Glamour Makeup and learn about the various styles and techniques for making your clients feel beautiful, from the photography studio to the wedding aisle!

Learning Outcomes Summary

Glamour Makeup for Photography

Makeover Studio Photography

Wedding Photography

Fashion Photography

Beauty Photography

Commercial Photography

Model Release Form

Makeup Trends and Fashions

Staying on Trend

Fashion Makeup Demonstrations

Soft Natural Beauty Makeup

Corporate Makeup

Red Carpet Glamour Makeup

Instagram Inspired Makeup

Makeup for Black and White Photography

Bridal Makeup for Day

Glam Bridal Makeup for Evening

Bridesmaid  Makeup

Mother of the Bride Makeup

Western Wedding Makeup

Malay Weddings

Indian Wedding Makeup

Chinese Wedding Makeup

Groom  Makeup Look

Right Foundation for Dark Skin

Working with Dark Skin Tones

Bridal Makeup for Dark Skin

Practical & Theory

Module 4

High Fashion Makeup & Runway

Explore the various styles and techniques of High Fashion Makeup Artistry as you delve deeper into the Fashion Industry. This entertaining module will have you putting your artistic skills to the test!

Learning Outcomes Summary

Runway Makeup for Fashion Show

How Lighting Effects Makeup

Understanding Lighting Types

Styles of Makeup Looks  for Runway

Avant-Garde Makeup Styles

Extra Glam Makeup Look

Soft Glam Makeup Look

Working with Fashion Designers

How To Collaborating with a Team

Makeup Designing for a Fashion Show

Creating Looks for the Catwalk

High Fashion Makeup Demonstrations

Art Inspired Makeup Look

Practical & Assignment

Module 5

Makeup for TV and Film

Lights! Action! Camera! This topic will acquaint you with the fascinating world of film and television make-up. Discover the various industry-specific standards and how they affect makeup design and consistency, which is one of the most important aspects of this field.

Learning Outcomes Summary


Industry Overview

Makeup Artist Crews and Their Duties

Studio Protocol and on Set Expectations

Television Makeup

High-Definition HDTV Makeup 

Male TV Presenter Makeup

Makeup for Men ( drama / Movie )

Makeup for Fine Skin

Makeup for Average Complexion

Makeup for Problem Skin

Female TV  Presenter Makeup

TV Film Makeup

Differences Between Film and TV Makeup 

‘No Makeup’ Makeup – Male

‘No Makeup’ Makeup – Female

Maintaining Continuity During Production

Script Analysis

Call Sheet Template

Roster for the Makeup Department

Makeup Budget for a Project

Practical & Assignment 

Module 6

Makeup for Theatre Stage

This module will not only teach you the key differences between camera makeup and stage makeup, but it will also take you back in time to provide you with an in-depth look at the fascinating history of makeup!

Learning Outcomes Summary

Designing Stage Makeup 

Styles of Stage Makeup Looks

Learn Contouring & Blending applies to Theatre Stage Makeup

Color Choice 

Lighting Effect On Stage

Male Theatre Makeup

Female Theatre MAkeup

Opera Makeup 

Old Women / Men Theatre Makeup

Animal Theatre Makeup

Character Stage Makeup

Fantasy Theatre Stage Makeup

Practical & Assignment

Module 7

Makeup for The Old-Age

This module will give you your first taste of Special Effects Makeup, allowing you to learn about the various techniques available for adding years to your clients!

Learning Outcomes Summary


Learn Hightling & Shading Skills

Old-Age Makeup Techniques

Old-Age Makeup Demonstration for Drama or Movies

Practical & Assignment

Module 8

Theatre & Movie's Character Makeup

Acquire the skills required to work in the fantastical world of character makeup. In no time, you'll be able to recreate your favourite characters!

Learning Outcomes Summary


Designing for a Character

Gatsby Period Makeup 1920

Vintage Period Makeup 1960

Egyptian Makeup

Prisoner / Pirate Makeup

Black Swan

Geisha Makeup

Practical & Assignment

Module 9

Special Effects Makeup

This module formally welcomes you to the captivating and jaw-dropping world of special effects makeup. Your creations, with a focus on injury and disease simulation, are sure to give people shivers!

Learning Outcomes Summary




Artificial Dirt

Cuts and Lacerations

Bullet Wounds


3rd Degree Burns

Injury and Flesh Disease 

Injuries Simulation Design

Pratical & Assignment

Module 10

Hair Styling For Wedding

This module will teach you a new skill that will allow you to provide better hair styling services to your clients. By providing you with the knowledge you need to put your newly acquired skills to use professionally! Discover how to style your bridal hair like a pro.

Hair Setting – Long & Short Hair

How to Use Hair Equipments

French Twist Wedding Hair

Inspires Wedding Chignon Hair

Wedding Day Classic Hairstyles

Bridal Evening Elegance Hairstyle

Usage of Bridal Headgear & Hair Accessories

Module 11

Working as a Freelance PRO MUA

This module can help you fine-tune your newly acquired skills by providing you with the knowledge you need to put them to use professionally!

Learning Outcomes Summary


Establishing a Successful Makeup Business

Setting up Your Business

Leverage on Social Media Platform

How to Get Clients

Tips for Working in Specific Industry Sectors





Working as an Assistant


Module 12

Portfolio Shoot & Certificate Award session

What They Say About Us

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