C02 - Professional Bridal & Hair Styling Course

Let Your Dream Being a Wedding Makeup Artist Start Here.
This Course designed for those who want to become a Specialist Makeup Artist for wedding & beauty Makeup and acquire a comprehensive range of makeup techniques. This course teaches the essential makeup techniques and skills for Beauty Makeup, Bridal, Wedding Makeup. You are welcome to participate as our makeup crew during our show and events for more experiences and learning.

Duration: 50 Lessons
( 3 Hours/Lesson )

What do you learn?
Makeup Course Outline

Healthy & Safety Procedures
Skin Analysis
Introduction of Cosmetics
Introduction of Makeup Brushes & Equipment
Understand the Colour and Combination
Face Shapes Analysis
Enhancing the Appearance of Eyebrows and Eyelashes
Camouflage Techniques (Cover Blemishes / Birthmarks/Scars / Pimples)
Face & Shaping Contouring
Corrective Makeup
Personal Makeup
Basic Day Makeup Procedure
Application of Foundation
Application of Blusher
Application of Mascara
Application of Eyeliner
Application Lip Color
Fixing False Lashes
Eye Brow Design Techniques
Bridal Day & Evening Makeup
Smokey Eye Techniques
Nude & Sheer Look Makeup
Men Makeup (For TV Host, Actor  &Groom)
Commercial Close-up Fashion
Photography Makeup​

Hair Styling Course Outline

Hair Setting – Long & Short Hair
Straight Iron / Curly / ZigZag Curl / Curl Out / Back Comb
Braid / Lace Braid
French Twist Wedding Hair
Inspires Wedding Chignon Hair
Side French Braided Wedding Hair
Usage of Bridal Headgear & Hair Accessories

Student Assignments

Theory & Hand-On Practical Sessions
Preparation for Assessment
Personal Assignment Profile
Portfolio Photoshoot
Certificate Awarded Upon Completion



Within this category, there are nearly endless options. Many freelance makeup artists start their own makeup businesses. As your own boss, you can decide on all the different niches you want to work in. From fashion to bridal to special effects makeup. As a freelance makeup artist, you are able to freely take on contract opportunities as they arise. This is one of the most flexible careers out there!


Many of our students choose their career path as a makeup artist for the top cosmetic brand in the market,

Why not work for top makeup brands? Many of the brands looking for a certified makeup artist who is well trained. Our Academy can help you to pursue your makeup artist career in international cosmetic brands.


Every woman searching for their personal makeup artist on their special day which is the wedding day. On their wedding day, every bride wants to look their best as many people focus on the brides and take thousands of photos and videos. If you are an expert at bridal application, you can make an amazing living. The bridal makeup business has a huge potential for you to earn great extra income without leaving your current job.

Once you have your stable business network, you have a choice to go full-time. It’s all your own decision.